How can I pay my utility bill?
Click to access our online Payment Portal

At City Hall, we accept cash, check, or card. Outside of City Hall is a dropbox for afterhours payments. By phone, we take cards and we also offer Autopay using a checking or savings account. To sign up for Autopay, stop in or call City Hall at 605-745-3135.
Where do I set up my water and wastewater utility services?
Water and wastewater services may be set up at City Hall (303 North River Street). City Hall is open from 8 AM - 4 PM, Monday through Friday and can be reached at 605-745-3135.
Where do I set up my garbage and recycling services?
The City of Hot Springs contracts out weekly solid waste (garbage) and monthly recycling services to Sander Sanitation. This service is only available to residential customers. You may set up your account and/or add recycling to your account at City Hall (303 North River Street). City Hall is open from 8 AM - 4 PM, Monday through Friday and can be reached at 605-745-3135. More information about recycling.
What can I put in my Recycling Tote?
Items to Be Recycled Include:
Please Remove all lids from containers & place only the following items in the blue bins
Aluminum, beverage & food cans, aluminum bottles, hairspray cans, shave cream cans, spray starch cans, Steel, vegetable and soup cans, coffee cans, empty paint cans, empty aerosol cans, Plastics, Items with the recycling triangle #1, 2, 5 or 7 (milk, detergent jugs, water and hair care bottles), Please triple rinse bottles from pesticides or other toxic chemicals, Glass, Food and beverage bottles, jar

Unacceptable Items:
  • Aluminum foil
  • Styrofoam
  • Cardboard
What can I put in my Garbage tote?
  • Containers must be out the evening before collection day to insure proper collection
  • Containers must be placed four feet apart and at least four feet from any vehicles, fencing, mailboxes, utility posts, and other objects. Our solid waste contractor’s truck has automated arms, and if they don't have enough space to grab the can there is a possibility of damage to the city or private property.
  • Bagging and tying of trash preferred. The trash has to be able to fit inside of the container and the lid must close. 
  • Items that are not accepted in the curbside containers:
    • ?Yard waste and sod
    • Rolls of carpet
    • Construction material (sheetrock, lumber, plywood)
    • Dirt/Rocks
    • Liquids (paints, chemicals, oils)
    • Hot ash (this will melt the can and cause a fire - customers are responsible for the replacement can)
    • Furniture
    • Large Appliances
  • Truck drivers are not allowed to exit their vehicles unless there is an emergency. 
  • Because of the wind that we experience in this area, tipped containers are a common thing. In order to get the routes done in a timely manner, the driver must stay in his vehicle and will continue on route.
    • This is also why bagging and tying all trash is important! If there is any loose trash that has spilled out from a tipped over can, it is also the residents responsibility. Bagging and tying keeps the litter under control!
  • All garbage must be in a city issued container or it will not be collected. 
  • Extra bags, boxes and items next to the containers will not be collected.
 If you should incur any problems with your trash services or totes you may direct all concerns to Sander Sanitation at 605-673-3174 as they prefer to handle all customer issues.
What can I dump at the City Restricted Use Site?
Branches, leaves and grass clippings all can be disposed of at our local Restricted Use Site (RUS) located at 2001 Hwy 18 By Pass across from the Mammoth Site. The RUS is open seven days a week 24 hours a day for your convenience in disposing of YARD WASTE ONLY.

All other waste must be taken to the Custer Fall River Landfill 605-662-7760
When is Free Dump Week?
2024 Dates are June 3-7 and September 9-13
free dump week 2024
Where can I buy an Evans Plunge Mineral Springs Membership?
Evans Plunge Mineral Springs memberships may be purchased at Evans Plunge Mineral Springs during regular business hours. View our membership rates on the Evan's Plunge Website.
Where can I buy a Southern Hills Golf Course annual membership?
Golf memberships may be purchased at either Southern Hills Golf Course during regular business hours or at City Hall. View our membership rates on the Southern Hills Golf Course Website.
How Do I Reserve a City Park for my Special Event?
To reserve Centennial park or Chautauqua park for private events or other uses, please contact City Hall at 605-745-3135, or stop in at 303 N River St. between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. All other parks are unable to be reserved and are for the use of all. 

A $20 non-refundable application fee applies to all reservations. For an additional $15, electricity will be made available for your event. Park reservations must be made during the same calendar year of the event date. Cancellations with a refund of your electric fee must be made no later than 5 days before your event. Reservation subject to approval by City Hall.
Is there an RV Dump Station in Hot Springs?
Yes, there is an RV Dump station available to the public located in the parking lot of the Mueller Civic Center / Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce. The address for this is 801 S. 6th Street, Hot Springs, SD 57747.  For direction view Google Maps.
What is the City's Policy Regarding Snow Removal?
It is the responsibility of the landowner to keep sidewalks clear from snow and ice at all times. Snowfall shall be removed from public sidewalks within two (2) hours of the completion of the snowfall during daylight hours, or by 10:00 o'clock a.m. the following morning, if it is impossible to remove the snow and ice from the sidewalk, the owner shall use a deicer or sprinkle sand on the sidewalk to prevent the sidewalk from becoming slippery and dangerous to travel.