June 4, 2024 City Election Information- Vote at 801 S 6th St Mueller Civic Center

June 4, 2024 Election Calendar

The following offices will become vacant due to the expiration of the present term of office of the elective officer:
Mayor                                       2-year term
City Council Ward I               2-year term
City Council Ward II              2-year term
City Council Ward III             2-year term
City Council Ward IV            2-year term
Circulation of nominating petitions may begin on March 1, 2024 and petitions may be filed in the office of the Finance Officer located at 303 North River, Hot Springs, SD between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. mountain time, not later than March 26, 2024, or mailed by registered mail not later than March 26, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. mountain time.
Petitions can be found at City Hall or with the SD Secretary of State
General Election Information
Who Can Register?
  • Is a citizen of the United States
  • Is 18 years of age or older on the next election day
  • Is a resident of South Dakota
  • Is not under a sentence of imprisonment for any felony conviction
  • Have not been judged mentally incompetent by a court of law
You may register at any of the following locations

  • Fall River County Auditor’s Office, 906 North River Street, Hot Springs SD
  • Registration Application from the Secretary of State’s website
In addition, you may register to vote at locations which provide the following services
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Food Stamps
  • Aid to Families with Dependent Children
  • Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program (WIC)
  • Department of Human Services offices which provide assistance to the disabled
  • Military Recruitment
Where do I get an absentee ballot?
Absentee ballots are available for any registered voter who expects to be absent on the day of election and may be obtained through the mail or in person; a short application will need to be completed. For Municipal and all other elections please contact the County Auditor Office at (605) 745-5130 or stop by the auditor’s office located in the Fall River County Courthouse, 906 No River St.
Where do I get a petition to run for public office?
Nominating Petitions for Mayor and City Council positions may be obtained from and returned to the Finance Office. Nominating Petitions for School board positions may be obtained at the School Business Office located at 1747 Lincoln Ave. Nominating Petitions for County Commissioner positions may be obtained at the County Auditor office located at the Fall River County Courthouse, 906 No River St. Petitions may also be found on the Secretary of State’s website.
Where Do I Vote?
All Wards vote at:
  • Mueller Civic Center
801 So 6th St.
Hot Springs SD
Deadline to Register to Vote
The deadline for voter registration is 15 days before any election. Your registration card must be received by the County Auditor by this deadline to vote in the next election. Registration cards postmarked on the 15th day do not qualify as being received by the deadline.
COHS Ward Map