Yard & Tree Maintenance Reminder From CA Bob Nelson Jr

It’s that time of the year when we thank all of our citizens who work diligently to keep Hot Springs looking her best and who take pride in the upkeep care and maintenance of their property.  Thank you!!

For those who don’t put that effort in please be aware that the City is committed in ensuring Hot Springs is a welcoming site to citizens and guests alike and have ordinances in place to guide the minimum standards we expect to maintain a welcoming feel.  They are:

  • Grass & weeds: No noxious weeds are permitted to be maintained on any property.  Grass in not permitted above 8” height.
  • Trees along the first ~10’ along a road and along both sides of alleyways are required to be kept pruned and trimmed up to 14’ height from the edge of the road straight up.
  • Sidewalk are to be kept free of any intruding vegetation as well as tree branches and limbs pruned and trimmed up to 8’ height from the surface of the sidewalk straight up.

If for any reason you are unable to maintain these standards, the City will notify you and even go as far as doing the work for you and a much increased expense.  We prefer not to however.

Please take time to look at your property to ensure you are compliant with the ordinances of the City of Hot Springs and doing your part to keep our City maintained and safe.
Nuisance Ordinance
Tree Maintainance Ordinance