The Function of the Building Inspection Department Includes:

  • Enforcing the Building Ordinance and the associated adopted codes within the community to ensure safe building construction and renovations.  
  • Issues building permits as outlined in the Ordinance.
  • Inspects all new construction with the exception of plumbing and electrical which are permitted through the State.
  • Licenses all contractors working within the city limits.
  • Enforces the Property Maintenance 'Nuisance' Ordinance including the vacant property registration.
Building Ordinances
  • The City of Hot Springs adopted building codes and established the role of Building Official to  ensure the health and safety of the public is maintained through the adherence to the codes and regulations established by law for the construction, alteration or use of new and existing buildings.
  • Click here to access Title XV: Land Usage, Chapter 150: Building Regulations.
Building Codes
  • In addition to the ordinance the city also adopted 2021 International Building Codes, which includes building code, existing building code, residential code, and property maintenance code